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Our luxurious premium brand Aquamat Professional Microfibre Dog Towel measures 125cm x 60cm. It is the fastest, easiest way to keep your dog dry and clean with the minimum of fuss.

The towel is incredibly absorbent, and will leave your dog drier and cleaner in substantially less time than a normal towel. You will use and wash fewer towels and this dog towel will air dry remarkably quickly. It is machine washable at 40˚C and can be tumble dried.

The towel can be used dry or damp and is ideal not only for freshly groomed dogs, but also for those straight out of a muddy field or river.

This towel uses technologically advanced microfibres which effectively increase the surface area of the material. The microfibres absorb much more water and at a greater rate than conventional material.

Available in Teal only.

Microfibre Dog Towels - £12.00


Free delivery to UK mainland & Northern Ireland

Aqua Green Dog Towel - Rex Aqua Green Dog Towel - Crosby

Microfibre Carry Bag Dog Towel - £7.00

A handy-sized microfibre towel for when you’re out and about or to carry in the car or caravan. The carry bag has a drawstring which you can tie to your belt. Ideal when exercising your dog or working hard in the agility ring. Packs up small and light.

Machine wash at 40˚C. Air dry or hang over a radiator.

All our microfibre products will dry exceptionally quickly.

Towel size:         50 x 70 cms approx

Carry Bag size:   14 x 10 cms approx.

Available in blue only.

Microfibre Carry Bag Dog Towel Teal Professional Dog Towel